Why do I need this certification?

This certificate allows you to share with your customers and employees that you are doing everything you can to keep your establishment clean.

Does it really help?

Yes, it helps customer trust that you really care and allows them to feel safer when entering your place of business.

Who makes sure it’s real?

We require a self certification that you are abiding by our cleaning protocols, which is available for any customer to verify online. Ultimately, it is on the business to be truthful that they are abiding by our protocols.

What happens if I have a pathogen closure?

In the case you have had to temporarily close your businesses because of a pathogen infection we would require you to remove the signage for a period of 30 days.

Where should I display the certification?

The digital certification should be displayed on your website and social media pages. The signage should be placed in a visible area where your customers can see it prior to entering your establishment.

Who is Verified Clean?

Verified Clean is a division on Applied Hygienic, LLC, a global provider of sterilization equipment and servicing to governments, corporations, and small business.

Is this specific to Covid-19?

No, this certification was designed for businesses to help promote that they abide by strict cleaning guidelines.

Can I get more than one sign?

Yes, you can contact us at info@verifiedcleancertification.com to request additional signage.

What does Verified Clean do to help promote?

We help promote the business that have the certification on social media, our website and on the Internet.

What type of businesses apply to this?

The typical business that get the certification are retailers, restaurants, and medical offices. However, any business with a physical location can get value from the certification.

Why do I have to pay for this?

The payment is for the ability to use our recognized and trusted certification signage as well as for the marketing we do to promote qualified businesses.